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About Us

Like you, our families have enjoyed decades of playing outdoor yard games. Attended dozens of picnics, parties, and all kinds of events taking place in all kinds of locations. Besides having a great time at all these occasions, one common thing that happened at all of these was spilled drinks. We decided it was time to do something about this, and thats when we developed, and designed the Drinkin Partner! Yard games are a part of all our lives, and always will be for generations to come. Our goal in producing the Drinkin Partner, is to bring an end to spilled drinks, and make for a more enjoyable game playing experience both outdoors, and indoors too!


Question: Can I use my Drinkin’ Partner indoors?

Answer: Absolutely!! With the optional Partner Base, your Drinkin' Partner will work perfectly next to your favorite recliner or in your game room - Anywhere you need your drink, or remote, held securely.


Question: How can I use my Drinkin’ Partner on a hard surface like asphalt, or concrete. Like when I’m tailgating in a parking lot?

Answer: Simply unscrew the spike from the Drinkin' Partner, and fasten the optional Partner Base to the Drinkin' Partner, and you’re ready to go!


Question: How do I get my Drinkin’ Partner in the ground when the ground is too hard?

Answer: Using a 1\4" drill bit, carefully drill a hole in the desired spot and insert your Drinkin' Partner. You also might want to consider joining your local gym!

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