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 Your Tailgate Authority . . . No More Spilled Drinks!

The Drinkin' Partner is a sturdy, lightweight, portable drink holder that can be used for a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities. The goal of The Drinkin' Partner is to solve the age old problem of spilling your drinks!

Complete your party with the ultimate accessory!  All weather construction, suitable for indoor / outdoor use.

Choose from 9 solid colors!  

Be the star of your tailgate!

Party and game with both hands...             we'll hold your drink!




The Drinkin' Partner is great when playing outdoor games like cornhole (bag toss), horseshoes, ladder golf, washers, or anything else you can think of. The metal spike at the end lets you insert your Partner into the ground wherever you want. The cup of the Drinkin' Partner is versatile enough to hold a wide variety of bottles, can, cups, and glasses so it's great for backyard parties and tailgaiting.

Don't go outside much? You're in luck! With our optional wood base attachment you can use your Drinkin' Partner indoors next to your sofa, table, or bed. The base is also great on hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, or wooden decks. Outside or inside, the Drinkin' Partner will keep your drinks safe and secure from spillin'.

Once you try a Drinkin' Partner, you won't want to live without one.

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